About the AABP Foundation - Zoetis Scholarship Program

Zoetis Zoetis Animal Health announced its continued support for a program which will fund scholarships through the AABP Foundation, the AABP Foundation - Zoetis Scholarship Program. Through eligible purchases of Zoetis products, donations will be made to the AABP Foundation. 

The AABP Foundation announces the availability of scholarships for 2015. These scholarships will be administered by the AABP Foundation with the assistance of the Amstutz Scholarship Committee. Announcement of the scholarship recipients will be made prior to the AABP Conference. Scholarship recipients will be encouraged (and funded) to attend the AABP Annual Conference in Albuquerque this September to receive their awards in person but attendance is not required to receive the scholarship.

Applicants must be veterinary students who will be graduating with their veterinary degree in 2016 and are citizens of the United States.

Completed applications and references must be received on-line at the AABP website by June 15.

Applications will be evaluated for the overall interest of the applicant in bovine practice, involvement in bovine medicine and bovine-related extracurricular activities, ability to express oneself in writing, and insightful answers to the essay questions. Grades are considered, but do not make up the majority of the evaluation for selection of scholarship recipients. Membership in AABP and the local college’s student chapter of AABP or Food Animal Club is required.


Applicants should complete the following via the Electronic Submission Form:

  1. Your current cumulative school GPA through December, 2014 and your current class rank (i.e. 5th out of a class of 110 should be submitted as 5/110). If GPA is not calculated at your school, rank only will be adequate. PLEASE DO NOT SEND TRANSCRIPTS.
  2. Give a biographical account that outlines your background in the cattle industry. Also list factors that stimulated your interest and involvement in bovine medicine and extracurricular activities. (2500 characters or less-including spaces)
  3. Describe your plans following graduation from veterinary school. (2500 characters or less-including spaces): 
  4. List all scholarships/loans/grants you have received.
  5. Complete the following two essay questions: (1) "You are a new graduate in a mixed large animal practice in rural America. In becoming integrated into the community, you take the opportunity to engage with young professionals from diverse backgrounds. Many of these young professionals question your involvement with modern agriculture and "factory farms," where the care of animals and food safety is secondary to production and profit (their view). How do you respond to these inquiries?" AND (2) "Select a challenging issue and provide a solution."
  6. No more than two Letters of Recommendation from either veterinarians or faculty members regarding the applicant's worthiness for this award. At least one of the letters of recommendation MUST be written by an AABP member. Failure to meet this requirement will disqualify the application. Please ask those providing letters of recommendation to submit their letters through this web site by selecting the "Letters of Recommendation" link, then selecting your name to complete their letter electronically by not later than June 15.

Completed applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted online no later than June 15. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Electronic submission of applications through the AABP Foundation web site (foundation.aabp.org) is the only method available. Electronic submission of recommendation letters to the AABP office is also required.

It is recommended that you compete the application essay portions in a word processor prior to submitting it online. This will eliminate the possibility of having to retype these lengthy portions if an error should occur during or prior to submitting.

Following an electronic submission you should receive an electronic reply to the e-mail address submitted with your application that confirms the electronic receipt of your application. If you do not receive this you should contact the AABP Office to check on its status.

AABP Office
PO Box 3610
Auburn, AL 36831-3610

Phone: 1-800-COW-AABP (1-800-269-2227)
Fax: 1-334-821-9532

E-mail: aabphq@aabp.org


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